Wedding lists came about in a time when getting married usually coincided with a couple first setting up home together, and hence usually contained items of homeware. This is no longer the norm, and couples often already have all the stuff and clutter they can manage. Listictly allows couples to get creative. Some examples of gifts we've seen are below.

Travelling and honeymoon

An obvious choice for couples is to ask for part of their trip of a lifetime as a gift. How about a special spa treatment, a luxurious dinner or tickets to the local must see attraction

"Free" Gifts

You don't have to ask for gifts which people buy you. We had great success with asking people to cook us dinner. We also asked for people to take us out for a day to do their favourite hobby, and got days on boats, rock climbing and hiking in the peak district. We also got a lot of help landscaping our garden...



You could always ask people to donate to your favourite charity on your behalf. Create a gift with a link to their site, and you can probably claim gift aid too.


Example Lists

To help you understand a bit more what your list could look like, we've created an example list